Thanks to the pectin, contained in the lemon, you can fight the cravings and, contributing to the alkalization of the body, reduce the feeling of hunger during the day.

The lemon has many advantages, since it not only helps to lose weight, but also acts as an antiseptic, purifying, disinfectant and active ingredient in skin care.

Its slimming properties


  1. The lemon contains an element, called flavonoid, which can remove blood fat; for this reason, if inserted into our diet, it gives important results.
  2. It is a natural diuretic and this helps to eliminate the toxins of our body not only through the digestive system, but also through the bladder and the kidneys, increasing the amount of urine produced.
  3. The lemon juice has a composition similar to our saliva and therefore activates the production of gastric juices in the stomach, helping to break down the food much faster.
  4. Its citric content (citric acid) works by helping to maximize the function of enzymes that stimulate the liver. In addition, the presence of vitamin C is essential for health, since it has the ability to strengthen our immune system.
  5. The lemon is rich in a special soluble fiber called “pectin”, which acts in the fight against uncontrolled cravings. This component will prove to be one of the most useful in your diet. It also contributes to the alkalization of the body, which is why it fades the feeling of hunger throughout the day.
  6. If you do not really like the idea of ​​doing exercise, lemon juice will help you, since it gives energy to the body and, when we ingest it, it improves our mood, helping us to counteract the hassles, anxieties and depressions .
  7. The lemon diet succeeds in bringing a series of really beneficial health nutrients, through an insignificant amount of calories.
  8. In the list of its advantages, you will also find the contribution in countering indigestion, acidity, gas accumulation and swelling, since it reduces and suppresses unwanted liquids and substances in the body. The lemon helps to have a proper digestion, stimulating the liver and producing bile, an acid necessary to digest foods.

What do you have to do?

The process for obtaining your “lemon tea” is very simple: simply pour the juice of a lemon into a glass of warm water. To obtain effective results, the ideal is to drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

The water must be pure and should not be too hot nor cold or icy, since in this case it will be more difficult for the body to digest it and will not achieve the desired effect. Drink lukewarm water, thinking that the temperature of what you drink must be pleasant for your body and its good functioning.

Another effective method is to directly consume fresh and, if possible, organic lemons. A serving of half a lemon a day will be more than enough for your diet.

We recommend …

To get more benefits from the lemon, you can drink lemon juice diluted in warm water fasting and add a little ‘zenzerograttugiato, which will bring great benefits thanks to its natural properties.

Note: It has been shown that people who follow a more alkaline diet can lose weight faster. However, it is good to supplement lemon care with a balanced diet and constant exercise. If doing sports does not make you crazy, remember that the lemon will give you the energy to start; As for nutrition, lemon helps to regulate the digestive process, but you must facilitate the task.

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