Taken on a fast, the fruit is not digested by the stomach, but by the small intestine, where the sugars are released and the nutrients are absorbed

What is the best option?

Without a doubt fruit is a perfect food to start the day: it does not require large amounts of energy to be assimilated by our digestive system and provides several advantages for its daily functioning. Fruit is also considered one of the only foods capable of making the brain work faster, creating a balance with other parts of the body.

Among other things, among the properties of fruit there are the most important elements for the proper functioning of the organism. Fruits are mostly contained in fruit, usually composed of approximately 95% of water. Water cleans and feeds our body.

How to eat fruit

The problem with eating fruit is that most people do not know the right way to do it. What you should do is eat fruit on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach.

Why eat fasting fruit?

Because it is the only real effective method of eating fruit, since this, in the initial phase of digestion, is not digested by the stomach, but by the small intestine. What happens is that the fruit passes quickly into the stomach and goes straight to the intestine, where it releases the sugars.

Instead, if in addition to fruit there are some starches, such as potatoes or meat, this can not get directly to the intestine, where it can bring the best benefits, but begins to be digested before.

What happens when we eat fruit and feel bad?

If you eat fruit and then you feel a bad taste in your mouth or you feel some annoyance or heaviness in your stomach, it may be because you did not eat fruit on an empty stomach.

Other situations

If you usually drink pre-packaged juices or glass bottles every day before breakfast, we advise you to avoid them because they will certainly have undergone a high-temperature production process that causes the original structure and preservatives to become acidic.

Let’s talk about the advantages

Eating fruit in the morning will not only lighten the heaviness of your diet, but also bring about natural properties such as:

  • help in the prevention of heart disease
  • reinforce the capillaries, especially the weaker ones that cause heart attacks or internal bleeding
  • prevent the blood from clotting and clogging up the arteries, thanks to its bioflavonoid content

How to make a fruit based diet effective

If you are of those who normally get out of bed and make a very abundant breakfast in which there is no shortage of butter, jam and coffee, you are not starting your day because all these foods will take all day to be digested. For this reason it is better to opt for easily digestible food that also cleans the body, such as fruit.

If possible, try to eat only fresh fruit and natural juices from when you get up until noon. The more you eat, the more you give your body the opportunity to clean up more quickly.

Further advice

If you are about to eat fruit or drink juices, always make sure that they are not too cold because this causes the components to solidify and delay digestion. At the end of the meals you can start drinking hot tea or, if you prefer, only hot water; thanks to their temperature, these dissolve fats so that they can then be eliminated faster, facilitating digestion.

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